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Like me (or you probably wouldn't be reading this) your crank gets turned by spying, peeking--or whatever you may call it--on women and/or couples caught in various stages of undress and with a little luck in a sexual act. For me, it all started when I was just a kid as I used to sneak a peek at my older brother as he shagged his latest conquest on the downstairs couch while he was supposedly sitting me while our parents were out for an evening’s entertainment. Little did they realize that I was getting my fair share of entertainment while they were absent. So that's my story of how I started down the slippery road of becoming a "watcher". I'm sure you all have your own tales to tell so please do drop me a line.

Nothing like a little peek into the lifestyle of the rich ‘n famous particularly if you’re fortunate enough to catch the lady of the house with her fingers in her crotch, and in this scene from The Voyeurs Club, that is exactly what our amateur voyeur found himself looking at.

amateur voyeur picture

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Hidden cameras have to be the greatest invention since sliced bread for us voyeur types. Just set one up in an out-of-the-way spot and all you have to do is lean back and let the action unfold in front of your peeping eyes. Take the couple below for instance. After staying late at the office to take care of some unfinished paperwork they decided to take care of what had until then been an untold desire to jump each other’s bones. Little did they realize that they were soon to be (in)famous as their sexual exploits were exposed before their peers and contemporaries.

security cam sex

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If you want to watch hotties--such as our girl below--getting undressed and hopefully more, you’re going to need some serious spy cam equipment--like this amateur voyeur has--or you can quite simply head on over to Risky Voyeur and let them provide you with all the perks that a peek or two has to offer, if you follow me.

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Going out on a limb so you don’t have to:
Risky Voyeur

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