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Goth Girl Gives Hot Public Blowjob at a Strip Club

- July 23, 2014 by Thomas

God bless those lovely ladies who have no inhibitions to prevent them from engaging in public sex for the world’s enjoyment. If you love to watch (and who doesn’t?), then the place to be is a male stripper bar, where hot chicks don’t seem to mind sucking secondhand cock in front of the entire audience. They go at it with such gusto, you’d think they haven’t eaten for a month! Gotta love those public blowjobs!

A New Voyeur Sex Blog Discovery

- July 13, 2014 by Thomas

Hope you all had as good a weekend as I did, out shopping in the maddening crowds. Yeah, the shopping is hell but kicking back on a bench and doing a little watching isn’t to shabby a way to pass some time. Unfortunately, for those of us up north, there is to damned many layers of clothes being worn too catch a decent peek of the sensitive areas. Hopefully our brothers from the warmer climes had better luck than we did!

Besides doing a little wrapping of gifts and writing out a few cards–until I couldn’t stand it any longer–I spent a little time surf about looking for something to share, seeing as it is the season and all. What I came up with was a wickedly written amateur voyeur sex blog by one kindred spirit, Simon ‘Spy Guy’ Riley. This dude is well worth a read, and a look!

That’s a wrap for today. Now if only those damned gifts were done!



Hooker Gets Fucked by Two Men in Public

- July 3, 2014 by Thomas

So I was surfing around looking for some hot upskirt voyeur outdoor footage to post today, and i came across this amazing video of a prostitute giving it to two guys under the overpass. It’s the ultimate upskirt clip, only you get to see a lot more than just a short pussy peek. Here you get to witness the whole fuck from beginning to end, with none of the participants any the wiser. What a find!

Asian Couple Fucking in Stolen Private Sex Tape

- June 23, 2014 by Thomas

If you’ve had your fill of watching women undress and are ready to peek at some real sex action, have a look at this steamy video. This isn’t just a glimpse of tit or a flash of pussy, this is the whole enchilada, brought to you by our friends at GFLot. It’s a stolen sex tape of this Asian dude and his woman going at it hot and heavy. They have no idea that it’s being watched–and wanked to–by voyeur types like us all over the Web. I don’t even think she knows he’s recording it!

Amateur Voyeur goes Window Shopping

- June 13, 2014 by Thomas

If your like me, you probably can’t resist taking a look into any window that doesn’t have its curtains closed or blinds drawn, on the off chance that you might be lucky enough to catch a peek of the lady in residence. No such luck for me today, so sad. I’ll have to get my thrills second hand.

Firing up the desktop behemoth, and having a look through my collection of bookmarks, I end up over at The Voyeurs Club to see what’s new. and low and behold they’ve got what I’ve been looking for all day. Some nice tits and ass gabbing on the phone with a girlfriend while this amateur voyeur snapped a few pics for his collection.

Turned out to be not so bad a day after all. Enjoy the pics,


voyeur picfree voyeur picvoyeur spy

The Voyeurs Club for your Voyeur Pic wants and needs!


Sexy Goth Babe Strips on the Sidewalk

- June 3, 2014 by Thomas


This babe has got some serious sexuality happening, and she’s showing it off on the streets. Cath her as she slowly takes off her clothing and flaunts her small-titted body for the world to see. A few passers by certainly get an eyeful. But the thing is, she acts as if she’s afraid someone is really looking at her. Could it be that she doesn’t really want to be seen? Check it out and see what you think. And hey, while you’re at it, have a gander at some of the other sweet things doing nasty things at You’d be surprised at what you can get a glimpse of browsing through their videos.

Voyeur Strikes Gold (Lesbians!!) with Hidden Shower Cam

- May 24, 2014 by Thomas

Spent the day searching through my extensive—yet terribly unorganized—collection of bookmarks today searching for a particular scene that I had set aside for rainy days. Damn, just the very thought of finding this particular set again is getting the juices circulating! Anyways, to make a long story short, I found it!! But, before I show you the goodies, I should perhaps set stage before letting this wonderful story unfold, as it was told to me.

What I’ve been told is thus. This one particular summer, an enterprising camp counselor set up a hidden shower cam over on the fairer sex side of things. Knowing that he was going to be watching his female co-workers getting naked and soapy like in of itself had to be quite the rush; however, when he looked at this particular day’s footage, poor guy must have blown a gasket at what was on that tape! “So what was it”, I hear you asking. In a word, lesbians. Long description, two cute blonde girls enjoying much more than the water cascading over their hot bods. So now that the stage has been set, would you like to see the pics?!

Act I - The Shower
hidden showere camshower camhidden camera

Act II - Enter Girl #1

girl on hidden shower camgirl getting naked on hidden cameragirl naked hidden shower cam

Act III - Enter Girl #2

girl naked in showernaked shower cam picnude shower cam picture

Act IIII - Show Time

lesbians shower camtwo girls caught on shower camlesbians naked on shower cam

So, that was the show. Hope you enjoyed half as much as I did!

P.S. Risky Voyeur has some great hidden shower cam stuffs.

You can check it out by clicking here!!

Voyeurism - Causes, Symptoms & Concerns!

- May 14, 2014 by Thomas

OK, RANT MODE IS ON!! For those pervs-and I say that nicely due to the sensitive nature of this post–that are just looking for some voyeur pics to get your rocks off you can just skip this post and get on with the show, and for those of you that want to know what’s in my bonnet, pull up your pants and read on.

Came across this article today that basically says, we’re mental. Yeah, that’s right guys, we’ve a screw loose or two according to the good docs. Seems that watching a girl take her clothes off is what they like to call a psychosexual disorder. However, if you were to lean back on the shrink’s couch–we need traetment don’t you know–and tell him all about you liked to watch your mother getting naked and he gets a stiff one and later goes home and gets it on with his wife, that’s probably what the shrunken heads would consider normal behaviour.

There was one part of this ludicrous article however that did give me a chuckle. Little sub-section thingy entitled Prevention. Here’s the excerpt. “Members of society at large can reduce the incidence of voyeurism by drawing curtains, dropping blinds or closing window curtains. Reducing opportunities for voyeurism may reduce the practice.” The members of society I thought was a little how shall we say… stiff in my opinion and yes that was a pun. lol Anyways, to sum it all up, really is a big to do about nothing excepting that Mr. Pillar of society managed to get publsished. We are so deeply proud of our boy! Now get out there an do some watching or better yet, have a look around her for some fantastic voyeur pics and stuff. Rant off!

P.S. I’ll be back with more goodies sooner rather than later,



My Sister on Bathroom Cam Just For You

- May 4, 2014 by Thomas
Like I was saying in the intro to my blog, I have some voyeur pics–movies too but that’s another post on another day–of my own that I like to share with all of my fellow watchers out there. So…here’s a few snaps of my sister from year’s gone by. Like I was saying, it all started when I watched my brother banging away on his latest drunken conquest but what I didn’t tell you–until now anyways–that is wasn’t long before I got the idea of having a peek at my sister while she was getting undressed for her evening bath.

Here’s a few bathroom cam pics from those good old days that bring back some wonderful memories, as I’m going through them right now trying to decide which ones to post for you guys to beat to. Think I’ll have a whack myself, just for old times sake.

bathroom cambathroom cam picsvoyeur cam pics

amateur voyeur picsvoyeur picsbathroom voyeur pic

And now a shameless plug for those of you that would like to see even more sisters having their pictures taken by their evil kid brother’s camera.


5 Adult Sex Sites to Visit

- April 24, 2014 by Thomas

Do you need something new to wank too? If you’re saying yes then this is the post that you’ve been waiting for! Yes, here is 5 new adult sex video sites that are sure to get your wood wanking again brother. So without further blathering from moi… - might want to wear protective gear but wickedly good videos inside - a lot of erotic behaviour going on here and worth a visit
Hardcore Tube - hardcore tube videos of damsels in distress…perfect! - Voyeur sex videos and nothing but voyeur sex videos - sweet little asian girls exposed…I love it!

That’s all for this update…

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