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Category: Hidden Bathroom Cams

Shower Voyeur Comes Clean… - October 1, 2014 by Thomas
…and shares his latest find with the rest of us, read the headline in my feed reader. Well, a heartfelt thank-you so very kindly goes out too Mr. Shower Voyeur, whomever he may be but, would you mind telling us just where in God’s green universe you happened to come along this find? Chances are slim, I’ll admit; however, you just never can tell who may stop by, and if by chance it was you that filmed this amateur voyeur movie then please do drop me a line. I’d love to have a chat with you!

Until the next time we meet peeps (pun fully intended lol),


This Shower Voyeur clip was presented compliments of VOYEUR INTRUSION.
Hidden Bathroom Camera Reveals ALL! - September 21, 2014 by Thomas
This lady of the house had no idea that her maid had decided to get even with her. Tired of her constant abuse for low pay, she decided to install a hidden bathroom camera at the encouragement of her no-good boyfriend. I’d like to think that selling off the tape that produced these photos would have went along ways to provided a joyful holiday season or they didn’t get their money’s worth. She’s a nice catch! Have a look and drop me a line if you agree.


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My Sister on Bathroom Cam Just For You - May 4, 2014 by Thomas
Like I was saying in the intro to my blog, I have some voyeur pics–movies too but that’s another post on another day–of my own that I like to share with all of my fellow watchers out there. So…here’s a few snaps of my sister from year’s gone by. Like I was saying, it all started when I watched my brother banging away on his latest drunken conquest but what I didn’t tell you–until now anyways–that is wasn’t long before I got the idea of having a peek at my sister while she was getting undressed for her evening bath.

Here’s a few bathroom cam pics from those good old days that bring back some wonderful memories, as I’m going through them right now trying to decide which ones to post for you guys to beat to. Think I’ll have a whack myself, just for old times sake.

bathroom cambathroom cam picsvoyeur cam pics

amateur voyeur picsvoyeur picsbathroom voyeur pic

And now a shameless plug for those of you that would like to see even more sisters having their pictures taken by their evil kid brother’s camera.

Hidden Bathroom Cam Catches the Cum Flying - July 4, 2013 by Thomas

This lucky guy had his other half drag him into the gas station bathroom for a surprise blowjob. He wasn’t the only one to get lucky as a hidden bathroom cam captured all the action. Makes you wonder if they would have put on the same kind of performance had they known they were being secretly watched, now doesn’t it? Oh well, kind of moot point now that load has been delivered. Now let’s have a look at what actually did transpire down at the local gas bar.


hidden bathroom cam

hidden bathroom camerabathroom cam blowjob

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