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2 Thumbs up for Peeping Toms Pictures - July 24, 2013 by Thomas

You can spend an awful lot of time looking through windows before you hit pay-dirt. So, when I come home from my prowls empty handed what I do is get on the net to satisfy my hunger. I’ve got quite the list of sites that I’ve either bookmarked for later watching, and I’ve a couple that I’m a member of because they have the good stuff. None of that phony shit neither. Learned my lesson the hard way there—hard earned cash down the toilet—so when I get on about a site, its damn fucking good or I don’t write about it, which leads me to today’s post. Here’s a new site—for me anyway—dedicated to nothing but Peeping Tom pictures, and movies that has my attention at the moment. With plenty more of what I’ve posted below, Midnight Lurkers—that would be the name of the site in case yer slow lol— is looking promising indeed. What more can I say, other than enjoy my friends!


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